After Innocence

Re-Entry Assistance and Advocacy for America's Wrongfully Convicted

After Innocence provides re-entry assistance and advocacy for America's wrongfully convicted

No system gets it right every time.

And when our criminal justice system makes a mistake and puts the wrong person in prison, lives are ruined.

Some eventually manage to  prove they were wrongfully convicted, and are then set free by the same system that once condemned them.

But then what?

For most of the more than 1,700 people released after wrongful conviction in the last 25 years, the nightmare of wrongful conviction did not end at the prison gate.

Traumatized, broke, and usually without job skills or housing, most exonerees never receive meaningful compensation.  Only a handful successfully sue the government.  Nearly all lack consistent, effective re-entry support.  Most don't even get access to the limited assistance we give parolees - because they are not on parole.  Nearly all exonerees struggle for years and decades to make up for lost time. 

After Innocence is out to change that.


After years - sometimes decades - in prison for crimes they did not commit, exonerees are left to fend for themselves as they try to rebuild their lives on the outside.

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After Innocence is already helping nearly 300 exonerees in 32 states, by providing one-on-one assistance with healthcare, public benefits and legal services, and working for long-term change by promoting better compensation laws.

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