After Innocence

Re-Entry Assistance and Advocacy for America's Wrongfully Convicted

After Innocence provides re-entry assistance and advocacy for America's wrongfully convicted

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Here's what just a few of our exoneree-clients and collaborators have to say:

“As a death row survivor, wrongly convicted and finally exonerated after 18 years in prison, I found out after my re-entry into society just how hard it was to rebuild my life, finding a job and a place to live, and healthcare. I had been paying an enormous amount for the minimum amount of coverage of health insurance.

[After Innocence Founder] Jon Eldan guided me to affordable healthcare with good coverage. This has changed my state of mind and also helped me in my day-to-day life.  His organization is needed to help others like me!”

Randy Steidl
Charleston, IL
Age: 63
Exonerated: 2004
Sentence: Death
Served: 18 years

“I was overwhelmed by a problem with the IRS dating back fifteen years, when I was still incarcerated.  I felt my problem was hopeless and that losing my home would be inevitable. 

Thanks to After Innocence, my case has been resolved favorably and I now have peace of mind I have not known for many years.

Earlier this year, I lost my Medicaid and was not able to afford healthcare.  You provided me with assistance that enabled me to find a clinic where I am able to get free medical care and prescriptions.You provide a service to me and my fellow exonerees that no other individual or organization here in Louisiana chooses to do or is capable of doing.  In all the years since my exoneration, no individual or organization has had a more positive effect on my life than have you.  I've spoken to other exonerees here in Louisiana and they feel the same.”

Douglas DiLosa
Kenner, LA
Age: 62
Exonerated: 2003
Sentence: Life
Served: 16 years

"I spent 22 years in prison for a crime I never committed. [After Innocence Founder] Jon Eldan helped me a great deal understanding my rights and he's been instrumental in leading me in the right direction.  He really puts forth a strong effort to help exonerees, and I just wish there were more people doing what he does."

Michael Parker
Spartanburg, SC
Age: 58
Exonerated: 2014
Sentence: Life
Served: 22 years

“[T]he remarkable success Mr. Eldan had with my former clients has been repeated many, many times over, with After Innocence partnering with nearly every innocence organization in the nation to help ensure that exonerees’ post-release needs are met.”

Professor Theresa Newman
Wrongful Convictions Clinic
Duke University

“The services provided through After Innocence have had a transformative effect on the lives of many exonerees.” 

Prof. Jacqueline McMurtrie
Innocence Project Northwest

“[After Innocence Founder] Jon Eldan has also reached out to all of our area exonerees (in multiple states) and helped a number of them receive benefits they didn’t know they were eligible for. I’ve heard nothing but great things from the exonerees..."

Tricia J. Bushnell
Legal Director
Midwest Innocence Project