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Income Tax Refunds under the Wrongful Conviction Tax Relief Act of 2015

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Under the federal Wrongful Conviction Tax Relief Act of 2015, any money received in relation to a wrongful conviction and incarceration is no longer taxable income. This new federal law also makes refunds (including interest) available to anyone who has previously paid income tax on such money. If the wrongfully incarcerated individual is deceased, the refund may be claimed by his/her estate.

A reversed court-martial conviction, resulting in back pay, very likely qualifies for this exclusion.

The deadline to file most claims is December 17, 2018. For more information, please see this FAQ from the IRS website.

After Innocence is a non-profit organization that provides completely free assistance to exonerees – people who were released from prison after demonstrating that they had been convicted of crimes they did not commit.  

We have already assisted several hundred exonerees in determining if they are eligible for a refund under the Tax Relief Act, and connected them with free help from accountants, tax preparers and attorneys with filing a claim.

If you or someone you know received money—including military back pay—in connection with a wrongful conviction, please contact After Innocence immediately at 415-307-3386 or We will connect you with free assistance from accountants and attorneys to determine if you are eligible for a refund, and if so, get you free assistance with filing a claim. There is no fee whatsoever for any of this help.