After Innocence

Re-Entry Assistance and Advocacy for America's Wrongfully Convicted

After Innocence provides re-entry assistance and advocacy for America's wrongfully convicted


Job Description: Case Manager/Re-Entry Advocate for Exonerees

Hours: 20 hrs/wk (somewhat flexible) OR full-time (we are filling two positions)

Location: Anywhere – Virtual Office - you will work remotely by phone/internet

Organization: After Innocence is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Oakland, California that provides one-on-one re-entry assistance to exonerees – individuals who have been released after having been imprisoned for crimes they did not commit.

There are currently more than 2,500 exonerees nationwide. They range in age from 25 to 85, live in areas urban and rural, and have been out of prison for anywhere from a few days to a few decades. Very few of them have had access to reliable, consistent re-entry help.

We are working to change that with phone-based, reliable assistance in a few key re-entry areas: increasing access to health care and legal services and facilitating connections to local social services. We also promote laws that will provide exonerees with meaningful compensation and reentry services.

Job Description: As an After Innocence Case Manager & Re-Entry Advocate, you will work one-on-one with our exoneree-clients in order to evaluate their eligibility for health care, public benefits, and social services in their communities, and then provide the start-to-finish help each one needs to ensure that they obtain and can make good use of those resources. That requires tenacious followup with the exoneree-client and whoever else is assisting them, and careful record-keeping.

You will be doing nearly all of this work by phone or video - this is how we efficiently serve a very large number exonerees spread across the country.

You will also work with the After Innocence staff to improve our process, including developing new areas of assistance, such as adult education, vocational training, job-seeking assistance, mentorship programs, and peer-to-peer support.

Qualifications & Requirements: We are looking for a mid-level to senior level candidate. A self-starter who is comfortable working independently and efficiently managing large caseloads. You must also be a careful record-keeper, and dedicated to maintaining a very high level of service to our clients, in particular, through consistent follow-up. You will need to be deeply caring and empathic, and also able to maintain clear boundaries with clients, in particular around expectations about the services we provide.

It would be preferable if you have previously worked with underserved populations to ensure access to health care, public benefits and social services, in some (or even all) of the following areas:

• health care plans – whether through Medicaid, an employer, or purchased individually (including Marketplace plans with subsidies), Medicare (including Medicare Advantage and Medigap)

• disability (SSI & SSDI) - applications, appeals and overpayment cases

• working with local clinics who serve those who lack access to health care

• public benefit programs

• coordinating with local social service organizations to maximize client benefit

Please note: In some important respects, this position is very unique:

• This is not a clinical services position.

• While many case manager positions involve working face-to-face, in this position you will be interacting with clients almost entirely by phone (or video).

• Most case manager positions involve working with multiple clients in the same county, and making use of a familiar set of locally available services and relationships with service providers. In this position, you will work with clients in many different counties and different states, and will often need to determine what is available locally and develop relationships as you go.

Compensation: We expect to set the hourly pay for this position at the upper end of the range typically paid for this type of work in your geographic area, when performed by someone with equivalent experience.

Interested?: Please send your cover letter and resume to

Applications will be considered until the positions are filled.

After Innocence is an equal opportunity employer and strives for diversity among its applicant pool as well as within its staff and board. We strongly encourage people from all backgrounds – including racial and ethnic minorities, veterans, people with disabilities, and people with nonlinear/non-traditional experience and educational backgrounds – to apply for this position.