After Innocence

Re-Entry Assistance and Advocacy for America's Wrongfully Convicted

After Innocence provides re-entry assistance and advocacy for America's wrongfully convicted

Advocating for Better Compensation Laws

The Need:  Every state should have a fair, efficient process for exonerees to demonstrate their innocence, and provide those who do with reasonable monetary compensation for the time they lost and the long-term effect the wrongful conviction will have on the rest of their lives.  In addition, every state should at a minimum provide all exonorees with access to the reentry services provided to parolees.  Having a fair compensation law on the books amounts to recognition that our system is not perfect, that we make mistakes, and – critically – that we make amends when we do.

What’s missing from efforts to pass better compensation laws?  The data about exoneree re-entry that will drive smart compensation laws and the technical guidance to ensure the laws are properly structured and drafted.

How After Innocence is Meeting the Need: Drawing from extensive experience with exonerees and documentation of the challenges they face, and unique legal expertise, we offer technical advice on how to properly draft a fair compensation law, and research and expert testimony to support state-specific efforts at legislative reform.  We’ve already done this in California and Washington.